Donald Coley Scholarship


The Deadline for applying for this scholarship is April 16, 2014.

The Monroe County School Music Association will present The Donald Coley Scholarship ($100) annually to a high school student from Monroe County who meets the following criteria:


The student must:

·      live within Monroe County

·      be accepted to perform in either the New York State Summer School of the Arts orchestral program or the Jazz program.

Other criteria:

·      Preferences will be given to woodwind players. However, it will not preclude students who perform on other instruments from receiving the scholarship.

·      Personnel at the State Education Department will present the names of the accepted students from Monroe County to the Monroe County President, following the selection of the performing groups.

·      The County President in consultation with the other officers will select the candidate for the scholarship.

·      The scholarship will be presented to the selected student at the final concert of the season at the home school of the recipient.

·      In the event that no student meets the above criteria, an accepted woodwind student from another county may be given the scholarship. This will be determined by the President of the Monroe County School Music Association in consultation with the people at the State Education Department.

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Donald N. Coley

May 7,1933 – May 16, 2009


Don attended Tally-Ho Music Camp from 1948-1956. During this time he progressed from camp counselor to Music Librarian, playing under Fred Fennel and performing as a guest soloist with the Tally-Ho Band.

Don was a graduate of the Eastman School of Music in 1955 with a Bachelor of Distinction. While completing the degree, he was awarded “the Performer’s Certificate in Clarinet”. In 1957, he was awarded his Master of Music degree from Eastman.

In August, 1956, he auditioned for and then joined the United States Military Academy Band at West Point, serving until August 1959. In September 1959, Don joined the Brighton Central School District. He was a member of the staff until his retirement in June 1992.

Don was an active member of the New York State School Music Association. He served as an adjudicator. In addition, he was Band Chair from 1990-1991. As the NYSSMA Manual Chair and librarian from 1992-2000, he brought about changes in the Manual that are still used today.

In addition, Don taught many private lessons during his years in Brighton. After his retirement, he was a sought-after private teacher of clarinet until 2006.

His hobbies included fishing and bowling. He was an avid sports enthusiast.


Donald Coley was the son of Nelson Bradford Coley and Flora Nellie McDonald Coley. He was the proud father of four children and grandfather of six.


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