New Teachers: Welcome to MCSMA

On this page, you will find general information regarding the Monroe County School Music Association.

This information will hopefully be enough to get you started.

For more information, or questions, don't hesitate to email the appropriate MCSMA Board member.


For all students:

There is one "rule" that applies to all students who are selected for All-County.

If a student is selected for All-County, but is a "No-Show", that student will NOT be eligible forAll-County the following year.


Instrumental Teachers

MCSMA hosts several events during the year that you and your children may be interested in. They include solo festivals in January, and All-County groups in late February and March. Deadlines for registration vary, so check the "Events" page for more information.

MCSMA delineates grades as: Elementary 4-6, Jr.High 7-8, and Sr.High 9-12. This is different from NYSSMA (Area All-State, etc.)

In general, registration for solo festivals will have a deadline of the Monday prior to Thanksgiving. We currently register through, so you will need to go to that website, register with them, and you will be ready to go. Here is a link to solochair, where you can set up a new account. SOLOCHAIR

Once you have an account, you can login at and register for our events.

Once registered, you will need to submit a check for the total $ amount on solochair along with a printout of your registration. (Click PRINT INVOICE on solochair).

All MCSMA Solo Festivals abide by all NYSSMA rules.

We use the current NYSSMA Manual, and we use scoresheets that are similar to NYSSMA. Please become familiar with the NYSSMA Manual, as it will answer many of your questions regarding 1) number of scales that are necessary, 2) general sight reading skills necessary at each level, etc.

As a result of your student participating in solo festival, they may be selected to All-County Band (or Orchestra) Selection usually takes place immediately following solo festival. If you are interested in how selection is done (different level solos compare to one another, etc.) click on this link.

If any of your student(s) are selected, you will receive music within a week or so.

Please help your students with this music, as it will insure a great All-County experience. In some cases, their may be "seating auditions" - so best to be prepared.




Chorus Teachers

Deadlines for registration for chorus are sometimes different than instrumental teachers. For specific dates, don't hesitate to email the current chairperson of your grade level.

You will need an account at Click on this LINK in order to create your account at solochair.

Elementary Chorus: You will be asked how many students you wish to have in All-County chorus. You must enter this information into solochair by clicking on the appropriate registration button on the opening solochair page. The deadline for doing this tends to be November or December. Check the county newsletter in October for this info.

When doing this initial registration, you will need to also inform the chairperson how many altos/sopranos you wish to have. (Or only soprano, only alto, etc.)

Weeks later, you will be contacted with the actual number of students that you can have in the All County Chorus. Once you have this number you will need to enter the actual names of the students into your solochair account. Again, do this by clicking on the MCSMA Elementary Chorus button where you will be able to "edit" your information.

Jr.High Chorus:

Sr.High Chorus:


Jazz Teachers

Students in grades 7-12 can audition for MCSMA All County Jazz.

Jr.High Jazz Ensemble: Grades 7-9

Sr.High Jazz Ensemble: Grades 10-12

Register on Deadline for registration will be listed on the solochair site.


Students who wish to audition for All-County Jazz will perform:

  1. A NYSSMA sanctioned solo, as found in the Jazz section (section 9) of the current NYSSMA Manual.
  2. A Sight Reading excerpt.
  3. Improvisation - Please refer to the NYSSMA Manual pages 9-3 to 9-4 for detailed information about improvising requirements.
  4. Students must provide their own CD, or may choose to bring a portable Bluetooth audio device.
  5. Drumset players should adhere to all styles and improvisation requirements found on pages 9-13 to 9-19 of the current NYSSMA Manual. ALL STATE STYLE REQUIREMENTS DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS FESTIVAL.
All-County Vocal Jazz

Be sure to refer to the MCSMA Newsletter for audition dates and location. Pay particular attention to the registration date. 

Audition procedures are exactly the same as NYSSMA All-State Vocal Jazz auditions. Refer to the NYSSMA Manual for all rules and regulations.




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