Elementary All-County Chorus

Selection Process

It starts with music teachers registering on Solochair:  1.) Create an account 2.) Register for your desired number of All County singers.  You can ask for both Sopranos and Altos or for just one part.  You will also enter in your school population numbers as part of this process—this is very important.  Once you’ve registered, you will print out a copy of your “invoice” and send that to the Coordinator (the name & address will be printed on the form).

Once registration is over, the Coordinator will then determine how many each school can send to All County chorus (he/she will not assign a school more than they’ve asked for).  Each school’s participation numbers are based on the student population numbers—the bigger the school, the more students it gets to send.  The number-crunching is as follows: 

     There is a 200-seat “pie,” if you will.  Each participating school gets a piece of that pie—the more participating schools, the more pieces needed, therefore the smaller they get (and vice-versa).  Each school’s piece of the pie can be slightly larger or smaller than the year before, depending upon how many schools are involved AND the population numbers of those schools. 

     Once registration closes, the Coordinator adds up all of the school population numbers—this is the amount of technically eligible students.  He/She divides that number into 200 to get a percentage of participation.  Then, each school’s population numbers are multiplied by that percentage to come up with how many students each school can bring.  It’s a very objective process, but it’s not an exact science—there is some rounding up/down that happens as well as some schools being eligible for more students than they’ve asked to send.  When there are “extra” seats to be distributed, the Coordinator starts with the smallest schools and makes sure they send at least 2 students.  From there, the Coordinator does his/her best to bring each school as close to it’s requested amount as possible and to ensure the choir has an even number of sopranos and altos.  The Coordinator also strives to honor all “one part only” requests.


Once all the number-crunching has taken place, the Coordinator will contact each school with its assigned number of students.  Then, each teacher proceeds with his/her selection process.  Once the teacher knows the names of the students they are sending, they go back into Solochair and enter in the names with the correct spelling and the students’ height in INCHES.  (The Coordinator uses the height information to create the seating chart.)  If any changes need to be made (i.e. sending an alternate), the teacher will make the necessary changes in Solochair.  The Coordinator will inform teachers of the deadline for making these changes—any changes after that date must go through the Coordinator directly


After the Holiday break, each teacher will receive a package containing the music, rehearsal notes, a schedule (if available), an info letter, and an invoice.  They are to return the invoice to the MCSMA Treasurer (name & address is on the invoice).  Then they are to prepare their students for the upcoming festival weekend














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