So.... my kids are signed up for SOLO FESTIVAL... NOW WHAT?!


So, you've registered your students on and are new to the county. Here's some more

info for you.

Our county solo festival runs just like a NYSSMA solo festival. We follow all the rules and regulations of the current NYSSMA Manual. That being said.... first thing that you better do, is make sure that your student's solo is in the rulebook! If it's not... they will be able to play, but they will not be able to get a score. (They will receive comments only).

Next, Your students should have two originals of their solo. One for themselves, and one for the adjudicator. Again, this is a NYSSMA rule, and it's not too early (in November even...) to order those extra copies.

As soon as schedules are available, communicate these times (and dates) with your students as soon as possible.

Please encourage the students to make the time that is scheduled, as changes are not always easy. That being said... if they absolutely need a change in time, contact the solo festival chairperson as soon as possible, and request a time change. Change requests are taken up until the Monday prior to the solo festival. After that date, please don't call. Festival chairpeople are busy printing schedules, labels, etc.

Now... a few words about the preparation:

Scales Scales Scales.

oops... sorry. Just kidding.... but really, hopefully we all help to insure that our students are well prepared on not only their scales, but their solo and sight reading as well! Encourage them to be looking at music in their books that's ahead of where they're playing right now. Perhaps you can write up some short (even 4 measures) exercises, and give them 30 seconds in a lesson to prepare it silently. These little things can make a HUGE difference. Whatever your students do, you DON'T want them sounding like Gabe... a trumpet player doing his first NYSSMA solo festival:

Gabe's First Solo Festival Performance (mp3 file)

NO, that was not a real audition. But it does point out some things that you MAY want to go over with your students prior to their solo festival performance.


Would you like to add some ideas, especially regarding Vocal auditions?! Email Bill! Let's help younger teachers in the area in their preparation for Monroe County Solo Festivals !















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